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Nov 27, 2009

Black Friday, good offers in electronics, clothing, home and games

I just received an email pointing to the Black Friday section of Amazon. They have some awesome offers (and also some of the typical unusable stuff :-D).

Especially, I have seen heavy discounts and good offers in:

Electronics: a few GPS and bluetooth earpieces (I don’t like the looks of those, but if you don’t mind, they are quite cheap)

Clothing: many interesting stuff including Levis and winter clothing. I definitely need some shoes.

Musical instruments: not my field of expertise, but many guitars and mics at 50% discount. I feel like buying a basic set and recording some songs to torture my friends :-D

Toys and games: Some good deals to begin stocking on Christmas gifts. Videogames too: several 20% to 50% discounts (World of Warcraft game and first month for $5? that’s cheaper than a regular month, right? amazing)

How does it work: you have the homepage at the Black Friday section. They have many deals distributed in the different categories, and on the top they have a long set of special deals with limited units. They will be opening new offers all through the day.

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