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Jan 31, 2010

Valentine’s day gift ideas

If you are like me, you are already worried about how to get a big smile from your significant other this 14th. You have some ideas from last year, and a couple more you wrote down somewhere in your computer but can’t be found right now, but you are afraid that you will end up buying the first nice thing you find in a store the 13th :-)

To help with that, Amazon has set up a huge Valentine's Day gifts page (“for her”), and another “for him”, where you can find many, many ideas. Better begin thinking about it now!

You can get great ideas in many different kinds of gifts:

  • The typical fragrance gift sets, or men’s watches.
  • Jewelry, some of it at great prices; but either you know the tastes of your Valentine, or you trust the best-selling pieces.
  • Kindle as a Valentine gift? I know a few people that would appreciate it, but I think Amazon is pushing it a bit too far…
  • Tools or automotive equipment… Not what I call romantic, but hey, for some people it’s a guaranteed success.
  • Bath and Spa sets
  • Romantic dining!
  • And the “always a good idea”… fresh flowers.

Just go for your target (him or her)…

…and have fun choosing!

P.S. I think I’m going straight to the chocolates section.

Jan 7, 2010

Kindle DX Global: big screen and international delivery

So finally, the DX global Kindle is available! That is a big, clear e-reader (e-book reader) that can be used through most of the world.

More precisely, it comes with a huge, very readable screen (9.7 inches, about 25 cm) and it is usable in over 100 countries. The screen has electronic ink, which makes it almost as readable as a paper book; don’t worry about the glares of laptop screens.

You buy ebooks for it and they are instantly delivered wirelessly to your kindle. Thin as a magazine, it can store about 3,500 books, blogs and docs (you can also put you own content in it through a standard USB connection).

I was a bit skeptical at the beginning with the Kindle (I don’t mind using my laptop to read books) but there is so many people telling me that the screen is really great, and how comfortable is not having to charge it often (it has a long-duration battery), that I’m strongly tempted to get it.

You can get a better understanding of how the Kindle works by reading the user reviews and technical details at the Kindle page..

Dec 22, 2009

Weird Stuff: Laptop Steering Wheel Desk

It is a laptop desk. For a steering wheel. Yes, you attach this trail to the steering wheel of your car or van, and you can put the laptop on top (or a good book, or a two-course dinner). Of course, you have to be pretty stupid to use it while driving, so they do not need to mention that in the product description. Or do they?

Because suddenly, the product page is invaded by hundreds of bored people that begin writing some of the best product reviews I have seen: "It allows me to prop my sheet music against the wheel, allowing me to play the guitar with both hands while driving", "I love emailing the Highway patrol while I drive to let them know the tag numbers of cell phone using drivers" or "makes reloading your handgun while changing lanes a breeze".

Don't miss the "Other photos provided by users", with many photos of what happens when you use it.

Nov 27, 2009

Black Friday, good offers in electronics, clothing, home and games

I just received an email pointing to the Black Friday section of Amazon. They have some awesome offers (and also some of the typical unusable stuff :-D).

Especially, I have seen heavy discounts and good offers in:

Electronics: a few GPS and bluetooth earpieces (I don’t like the looks of those, but if you don’t mind, they are quite cheap)

Clothing: many interesting stuff including Levis and winter clothing. I definitely need some shoes.

Musical instruments: not my field of expertise, but many guitars and mics at 50% discount. I feel like buying a basic set and recording some songs to torture my friends :-D

Toys and games: Some good deals to begin stocking on Christmas gifts. Videogames too: several 20% to 50% discounts (World of Warcraft game and first month for $5? that’s cheaper than a regular month, right? amazing)

How does it work: you have the homepage at the Black Friday section. They have many deals distributed in the different categories, and on the top they have a long set of special deals with limited units. They will be opening new offers all through the day.