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Jan 31, 2010

Valentine’s day gift ideas

If you are like me, you are already worried about how to get a big smile from your significant other this 14th. You have some ideas from last year, and a couple more you wrote down somewhere in your computer but can’t be found right now, but you are afraid that you will end up buying the first nice thing you find in a store the 13th :-)

To help with that, Amazon has set up a huge Valentine's Day gifts page (“for her”), and another “for him”, where you can find many, many ideas. Better begin thinking about it now!

You can get great ideas in many different kinds of gifts:

  • The typical fragrance gift sets, or men’s watches.
  • Jewelry, some of it at great prices; but either you know the tastes of your Valentine, or you trust the best-selling pieces.
  • Kindle as a Valentine gift? I know a few people that would appreciate it, but I think Amazon is pushing it a bit too far…
  • Tools or automotive equipment… Not what I call romantic, but hey, for some people it’s a guaranteed success.
  • Bath and Spa sets
  • Romantic dining!
  • And the “always a good idea”… fresh flowers.

Just go for your target (him or her)…

…and have fun choosing!

P.S. I think I’m going straight to the chocolates section.

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